About Enerzy Exchange

What is Enerzy Exchange Yoga™ About...

Enerzy offers diversity in class styles, highly qualified teacher instruction and variety of studio room temperatures assisting a student to progress their practice all in a well appointed, clean and luxe environment.

Our Purpose

Enerzy Exchange Yoga’s purpose is to assist students to progress their practice to achieve their personal goals.

Our Core Goals


Offer a wide variety of yoga and fitness classes and personalized training to meet the needs of our premier clientele


Offer an exceptional five star luxe studio and customer service experience


Provide a safe and inspiring environment


Work with elite, highly-credentialed, experienced yoga and fitness professionals


Awaken, Motivate & Ignite our clients

We envision a world where each practitioner is able to bridge the gap between health and happiness. That all or our clients feel welcome, understood and able to create a powerful wellness practice, no matter what stage they are in their life

Enerzy Exchange Yoga™ has two rooms for our practitioners. The Hot Room utilizes an infrared heating system with temperatures ranging from 97° to 104°. The Un-Heated room temperature is 78°-80°.
The benefits of an infrared heating system.

The infrared radiance is within the wavelength range validated by Yale University Pierce Laboratories to be 98% absorbed by human skin. The benefits experienced in the silent, non-allergenic, radiant environment provides an optimal class experience.