Meet The Enerzy Exchange Yoga & Fitness Instructors

Tiffany DeSouza, Owner

Tiffany DeSouza, owner of Enerzy Exchange Yoga, is dedicated to helping people improve their lives. She holds multiple Yoga and fitness certifications including, E-RYT200, RYT500, NSCA-CPT, FII-CPT, NASM-CPT. Additionally, Tiffany has decades of experience operating some of the highest rated spa facilities and country clubs on the east coast. Enerzy Exchange is a unification of her passions; helping transform students to greater physical and spiritual fitness while surrounding them with 5 star amenities.

Over 20 years experience as a spa and fitness facility director, Tiffany was inspired to establish an environmentally friendly studio that focuses on a balanced approach to fitness and yoga.

Her passion is motivating students to connect the physical practice of yoga with a modern take on yoga spirituality inspiring them to reach their personal goals. Classes are fun, challenging yet grounded. She has gathered a highly, experienced team of the finest instructors who offer a wide variety of classes, workshops and special events for Yoga, Pilates and Fitness enthusiasts in Boca Raton. Enerzy Exchange uses the latest “clean-green” technology to ensure that the studio makes a difference for the planet, while the classes and studio experience make a difference for you.

Jessica Steinlauf

Jessica Steinlauf is a former ballerina and gymnast. She developed a passion for yoga when she took her first yoga class. Yoga has allowed her to sustain a balanced, healthy, and disciplined lifestyle.

Through the awareness of breath, she is able to manage her life with more clarity and space. She incorporates her lifelong knowledge of dance with yoga to develop sequences that synchronize movement with breath. She focuses on building a strong foundation, so her students avoid injury and take their yoga practice to a deeper level physically, mentally, and spiritually. Jessica is a certified 500hr yoga teacher and a classical Pilates instructor.

Julie Weidenfeld

Julie Weidenfeld CCWS, CPT lives by the principles of exercise and healthy diet in order to promote vitality and longevity in her clients. Julie discovered the powerful intrinsic benefits of exercise while training for her first endurance race.

As she pursued further knowledge in exercise science, Coach Julie discovered the importance of a well-rounded approach to wellness, incorporating regular workouts, proper recovery and clean diet to function more optimally every day. Her mission is to guide and empower individuals to develop a health span (to live life in peak health) that matches our increasing lifespan.

Coach Julie holds certifications and designations in several aspects of exercise and wellness including Certified Personal Trainer, US Weightlifting Level One Coach, Master Certification in speed and agility, Youth Training Specialist, and Mobility training. Bringing individual and group training together, Coach Julie offers education and fitness consulting to corporate wellness programs as well as community training facilities.

Jules Lindsay

Jules Lindsay began practicing yoga in 2000 when she was finishing her BA in clinical psychology. She discovered the profound healing power of yoga as it helped her get through medical issues she was told she could not overcome. Her gratitude for yoga led her to teach and share what she had found. A strong believer in tailoring the practice to the individual, Jules encourages each person to listen to the body and become his/her own teacher. Her teaching career began at the Yoga College of India in Boca Raton and continued on to various studios where she taught Bikram Yoga from 2002 to 2004.

As she recognized the importance of variation and modification, Jules became (200hrs.-RYT) certified in 2005 through Yoga Alliance training with Jimmy Barkan in Hot Yoga where she found a connection with Phillip Christodoulou and inspiration from the Anuttara Yoga method. She completed training for Hot Vinyasa levels I, II and III (500+hrs-RYT) and went on to teach at Yoga Connection, Ft. Lauderdale Yoga College of India, Hot Yoga of Coral Springs, Hot Yoga of Delray and Anuttara Yoga Shala, Yoga Aura, American yoga, Barkan Method of Boca and Awaken Hot Yoga.

She welcomes all to join her and offers a simple precept: “Honor your level with full acceptance, humility and gratitude, go within, and free your mind, body and spirit on your own yoga journey”. And don’t forget about her happiest mentor, her faithful sidekick, Buddha.

Jude Kuipers

Known for her ethereal transitions and flexibility, Jude loves to share the secrets she has learned by practicing under such yogis as Kino MacGregor, Kathryn Budig, Sean Corne and Dharma Mittra.

Students can expect a powerfully fluid vinyasa flow with beginner and advanced options shown for many asanas. Breakdowns of high-level poses, and baby step tips for new practitioners, are given for such asanas as Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (One-Legged King Pigeon), Bakasana (Crow), and Astavakrasana (Eight-Angle).

Up-and-coming globally viral music creates an upbeat atmosphere for your practice, culminating in a relaxing Savasana with an inspiring message that will allow you to carry your practice off the mat!

Jamie Silverman

A lover of the fitness and wellness industry, Jamie has been a diehard fan since childhood where she played almost every sport! Whether it’s running for leisure, or practicing on the mat, each type of exercise brings a euphoric feeling to her world! Because of many prior injuries, she needed an alternative to running, and thats what pushed her towards getting certified in both Mat Pilates and Yoga. Experience always teaches lessons, and being an advocate of healing her own broken bones, Yoga and Mat Pilates both sped up her recovery process. Jamie has always enjoyed life much better in the fast lane, which has made her extremely infatuated with High Intensity Interval Training, mixing both Strength and cardio into one workout. Being an instructor has always been a very special talent of Jamie’s. Being able to help someone become the best version of themselves is her sole purpose for leading a class in the first place! Living off of  her favorite quote, “Someday, I want somebody to come up to me and say,  “Because of you, I didn’t give up” Jamie is extremely motivating, and  inspiring, and only hopes to make everyone realize that its already within  them, and each class is their own, she is just instructing it!

Mary Evert

Mary Evert teaches yoga with a focus on the interplay between power and grace. She invites her students to find their personal edges, both physical and mental, and move beyond them with strength and acceptance. Through her own consistent yoga practice, Mary has discovered that yoga is transformational. Mary welcomes students of all levels to come, practice, and witness their own personal transformation.

Mary received her Vinyasa RYT, 200 hour in 2009 at Yoga South under the expert tutelage of James Kigar and Judy Weaver. In 2015 Mary broadened her teaching perspective with Yin Yoga teaching certification through Tammy Heckman at Yoga South. Mary works with both junior and professional tennis players at The Evert Tennis Academy, where she has been a yoga instructor for the past 10 years.

Kiki Stein

Kiki has been heavily involved with fitness her entire life. She began taking yoga classes back in 2002, and has turned her passion for yoga into a career. Personal Training since 2011, she received her 200 hour Yoga Teaching Certification from Leslie Glickman, and found teaching yoga to be a natural fit to incorporate with her students’ workouts. Her enthusiasm and attention to detailed cueing make her classes accessible to beginners as well as challenging for advanced students.

She spends most of her week with private teachings, but also loves coming to Enerzy Exchange Yoga to share her passion for yoga in a class setting. Kiki is eager to be able to introduce the foundation and fundamentals of yoga with her students. You’ll leave her class “Feeling Your Yoga” long after you’ve walked off your mat!

Rachel Bash

A lifelong fitness, health and wellness advocate, Rachel is an avid marathon runner, distance swimmer and certified spinning instructor. She is a graduate of Florida International University where she achieved her BS degree in Recreational Therapy and attended graduate school.

Rachel discovered Yoga while in college and immediately recognized its potential to strengthen and heal the body, and to help one achieve true balance in all aspects of life. Hot Yoga became a more important part of Rachel’s fitness regime over time and she became a certified instructor in 2007. Since then, Rachel has continued to grow her practice, researching and testing yoga styles and techniques to bring her students the best possible learning experience.

Rachel is dedicated to helping her students reach their own fitness goals through her unique style of Hot Vinyasa Flow yoga instruction

Randi Ifcher

My yoga journey began twelve years ago when I feel in love with yoga, after taking my first hot yoga class. Although it was extremely challenging, I felt a connection to the spirituality.

As I learned breathing and discipline , through a blend of mental and physical techniques to purify , and strengthen the mind , body , and spirit ;it was only natural that I would get certified with Jimmy Barkan in 2008, so I could share my passion with others .

My hot yoga career took a turn , when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was forced to discover different modalities of yoga !I discovered healing classes, and I learned my yoga practice was becoming a meditation in motion .

I was led to a silent retreat , where I studied Meditation .I learned how to shift my mind to embrace what I was feeling and find peace. I love teaching Meditation workshops and yin classes.I teach from the heart , and my purpose is to keep spreading the light with others one breath at a time .

Rachel Tripp

A 500-hour RYT and Mat Pilates instructor, is passionate about the ways in which movement can help us integrate our physical and mental selves.  Yoga offers a path of coming into focused awareness of our bodies — what they are capable of, what limits them, how they adapt and how they can be challenged — so that we can be both more fit and more free.  Finding inspiration in the diverse worlds of dance and weightlifting, Rachel loves building sequences that open the body with intelligence and sensitivity so that the practice feels both fluid and mechanically sound.  She wholeheartedly embraces the opportunity to share the joy she finds in yoga with others, engaging meaningfully with traditional poses and weaving them into graceful and creative combinations that encourage more space in both the physical and spiritual body

Robert Candelario

Robert is a Yoga Alliance Certified (RYT200)Teacher in Vinyasa Krama and I am currently working on a RYT500 certification through Leslie Glickman’s Yoga Journey. He began his journey seeking a healthier life and found so much more. After losing 70 lbs, clearer skin, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, increased bone density, an increase in strength, an open radiating heart with love, and a peaceful calm mind he is well on his way.

Armed with knowledge and compassion his goal is to help the practitioner find the power and faith in themselves to overcome all obstacles. The method is different with every person and class since the needs are different and can change over time. The tools are always the same, just the ratios change. Breath work, mantras, drishti (internal and external), meditation and the power of dynamic Vinyasa and complemented with Yin.

Wally Layland

Wally was a springboard and platform dived for 17 years, and yoga was always of great assistance in her training. But as she got older and life threw her some curve balls she started to use and look at yoga in a different way.

She now practices yoga because it’s her safe haven/get away to just focus on being present and appreciative. She’s says, “It is so easy to get caught up in our busy lives, so it is important to have something to bring you back to the now and simply just breathe. I am so thankful to have found my passion, and I want to share all it has given me with others.”

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