New to Yoga?

Here is What You Need to Know

Enerzy Exchange Yoga is a boutique hot yoga and fitness studio that focuses on the individual student and offers a variety of teachers and yoga classes that engage, encourage and motivate students all in an inspiring, well-appointed luxe environment.


Please arrive 20 minutes before your first class. Upon arrival, check-in with one of our desk agents who will assist you with everything you need for your first class. You will receive a studio tour and all applicable information about the class and studio. Once you are in our system, you have the option to check yourself into class on the Ipads at the front.


For many students, yoga is their primary fitness routine that is practiced 3 to 5 days a week, but it also serves as a perfect complement to other workouts. We provide a variety of yoga and mindful fitness class opportunities allowing practitioners to take their favorite class style or explore a new modality. You will notice that each time slot and each day is designed for an individual varied workout or if you are a ‘stay for two classes in a row’ type, they will work together for you too. Leave the programming up to us…just show up and have fun, we will take care of the rest.


Drink plenty of water before, during and after your class. We recommend that you bring a bottle of water to class. We have a filtered water station available to refill your bottle or water for purchase.


We recommend a light snack 30 minutes before class. Avoid any heavy meals at least two hours prior to class.


Dress for comfort and ease of movement. No shoes are necessary for any classes.

Your Workout

All classes designed for all skill levels and are either 60 or 75 minutes. We envision a world where each practitioner can bridge the gap between health and happiness. That each participant feels welcome, understood and able to create a powerful wellness practice at whatever stage they are in their life.

Personal Belongings

Our locker rooms are equipped with lockers that have custom Keyless locks to safely store your belongings. Directions are conveniently displayed on how to set your code. Cell phones, bags and shoes must be placed in the locker rooms as the studios are limited in size and must accommodate the students and hallway cannot have anything on the floor.


Respect the sanctity of classes that are in session before yours by remaining respectfully quiet in the shared areas of the studio before class. Your fellow classmates are entitled to enjoy a peaceful savasana. Unplug and turn off your cellphones and other electronic devices for the duration of class time. Make space for those around you in a crowded class. Respect the instructor by adding your attention and composure to the entire class.

Only push to your own edge. Yoga is a practice of continual transformation. Do what’s best for your body and take a break from particular pose or flow when you need it. Try to stay for the end of class! If you’re missing Savasana and not letting the practice settle within you, please be kind and treat your fellow practitioners respectfully and exit the studio without conversation or noise distractions.

Studio Information

Enerzy Exchange Yoga has two rooms for our practitioners. The Un-Heated room temperature ranges from 77° to 80°. The Hot Room utilizes an infrared heating system with temperature ranging from 95° to 102°, depending on the class.

Both studios have Vinyl Cork Greenguard “Gold” certified, cork flooring. The cork is purchased from forests managed in a responsible way, that are certified to FSC® or PEFC and no trees are cut down for the flooring. Cork flooring is naturally impact resistant and is designed to reduce heavy impact on the joints. Cork has a natural anti-microbial property that makes it perfect when exposed to skin and sweat.

The studio has spa style locker rooms for both men and women with highly appointed amenities and Ethically Traded unrefined shea butter products for the showers, hair and body care. For sanitization, the studio uses an EPA approved disinfectant on all equipment and a UV-C mat sanitizer machine.


Emergencies happen, our staff has the equipment, procedures and training on how to best assist you. Let your teacher know if you have any injuries, health conditions or if you are pregnant (if pregnant or have prior medical issues make sure to consult a doctor before joining us in class).