Private Yoga Classes

Get One-on-One Attention – With private yoga lessons, you’ll zero in on your goals and get personalized instruction based on your health, body type and lifestyle—and on your time. Our expert teachers are here to customize a program that meets your personal needs.

Students Book Private Lessons for a Variety of intentions:

  • Understanding the basics of yoga (3+ sessions recommended)
  • Developing confidence to practice in group settings
  • Tailoring their practice to benefit a sport or profession outside of the studio, such as improving a golf / tennis swing or complementing endurance running training
  • Cultivating a therapeutic practice to manage or improve health issues like low back pain
  • Receiving one-on-one attention in a private space
  • Diving into postures, whether you need special attention to master a challenging pose like headstand or perfect form in a fundamental pose like Chaturanga Dandasana
  • Exploring yogic philosophy or unfamiliar styles of yoga


Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a technique that lengthens and strengthens muscle tissue by using gentle, rhythmic movements. The idea of AIS is to hold a stretch briefly, relax, and then repeat the movement. The result should allow you to increase your range of motion with each additional set. The benefits of incorporating AIS into your routine are numerous: increased isolated flexibility, realignment of the body, reduced chance of injury and better awareness of your body.

Private Yoga & Stretching Prices:

Private Yoga Session

60 Minutes
$ 95

Private Yoga Session

75 Minutes
$ 120

AIS Stretching Session

60 Minutes
$ 105
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